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Have iPhone, Will Travel

I fully admit that I’m an Apple fanboy, so it should come as no surprise to those who know me best that I was following along with yesterday’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote presentation as it was happening live.  I diligently kept checking the live feed on while I worked (I am quite a good multi-tasker), even getting frustrated when their site when down twice.  Despite that setback, I was happy with many of the new hardware and software developments presented during the keynote (view the full keynote here).

Next month I plan upgrading my OS to Mountain Lion, which will coincide with my decision to update my Adobe Creative Suite to the next offering CS6. This will allow me to explore mobile applications – something that has been in the back of my mind for a while now, so I think I will be getting my feet wet in the arena sometime this year, but I digress…

I was quite happy to hear about the new iOS 6 which will be released this fall; the neatest part of that update will be the Siri-voiced turn-by-turn directions.  I couldn’t help but wonder after this announcement how the current developers of GPS-based navigation applications and units are going to be hurting if not eliminated by this new Apple offering. I have a dedicated GPS unit that I take on road trips, but the map is already outdated after a few months of use.  With the iOS 6 Maps application and navigation, I will no longer have this worry.  My dedicated GPS unit will now have to take a back seat (pun intended) to my iPhone 4S.  My iPhone has already become invaluable to me, and now it will be even more so valuable.  Have iPhone, will travel…it is practically summer, after all.

Converting Sites to WordPress – Why I Am Doing It

As part of my daily routine, I read up on my tech news via my iPad. From reading through Mashable I came across an article that touches upon an activity I’ve been doing recently. 5 Free and Easy Ways to Improve Your Business’s Google Ranking, by BusinessNewsDaily and posted on Mashable, lists “Use WordPress” asContinue Reading

My new iPad: Getting Things Done With iMockups

It’s probably not new news to anyone that Apple has release the new iPad, and I decided to upgrade from my first-generation iPad to the latest and greatest. The extra speed, gorgeous screen, and slimmer size make it an extraordinary device. I did some research on apps best suited for website designers and I cameContinue Reading

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5…worth the upgrade?

As a person who works in web design and digital media, finding the latest and greatest way to get your work done (while also keeping costs in check) is extremely important. I use Adobe Creative Suite as part of my client work; without it I would be hard-pressed to get my work done as efficientlyContinue Reading

It’s a New Year: Time for a New Website Design?

Now that we are in 2012, it’s time to start getting going on that New Year’s resolution of yours: to get your new website online!  OK, this might not be atop the list of common New Year’s resolutions, but for a business owner it’s time to put away the holiday decorations and start thinking aboutContinue Reading


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